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Company profile
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We have the best solution for you:

The insurance Broker
Caminada Aviation AG
offers you optimum service in the insurance field.

We know what we are talking about:

The director of our company, Leo Caminada, is also an enthusiastic pilot.
He loves floating in the air in a glider, the speed of engine-propelled planes and the manoeuvrability of helicopters.

Working with an insurance Broker is advantageous because he works independently of any insurance company and is, therefore, impartial.

Caminada Aviation AG

represent solely and exclusively the interests of their clients and, consequently, your interests!

We ask different insurance companies to process offers that are custom made for you.
After a thorough examination of different insurance plans, we propose the most advantageous ones. Then, it will be up to you to decide which company you want to insure your aircraft, helicopter or aerostat.

Furthermore…customers can obtain reduced premiums, thanks to optimal placing of the policies, and still keep the same services.

A single interlocutor

By working with only one partner, you will always be able to receive the best offer.

Our work makes it possible for you to choose among all of the possible insurance proposals as we operate in a free and independent way to obtain the exact insurance coverage you need. Thus, your company can utilise the best insurance plan. This also means that, according to your needs, you will be able to collaborate with different insurance companies, always keeping in contact with a single interlocutor, that is with us: your Broker.

This will allow you to reduce your efforts to the bare minimum when dealing with insurance problems.
You will have more time to dedicate to your own business.
In short: lower costs for better performance.

… And all this free of charge

Besides the aforementioned advantages, you must keep in mind that our services won't cost you a penny. Indeed, we receive regular commissions from the insurance companies.

Considering all these advantages, it is hardly surprising that aircraft owners, airtaxi and helitaxi companies, flying schools, airlines, aircraft service companies with helicopters and aerostat enthusiasts are increasingly taking advantage of the services of Caminada Aviation AG.

Furthermore, thanks to the establishment of offices authorised to co-ordinate and mediate, most of the Swiss insurance companies have begun to co-operate with Brokers.

Caminada Aviation AG
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